Special Episode: KansasFest 2021 Megapodcast “Poly Retro Assembly Cast Chicken Missile Drop Grue Museum”

This time, on a very special episode of Chicken Missile, we check in with most of the retro computing podcasting community at KansasFest 2021.

Presenting “Poly Retro Assembly Cast Chicken Missile Drop Grue Museum

Poultry Projectile:Podcast of record:Contact:
MarkChicken Missile@a2_4am
Chris TorrenceAssembly Lines Video Podcast@ct6502
Eastern-Bloc Robot Cowboy PoopyheadRCR, Eaten by a Grue, CM@carrington
Ken GagnePolygamer & Transporter Lock@KGagne
Paul HagstromRCR, (Drop III Inches?), CM!@yesterbits
Kay SavetzAntic & Eaten By A Grue@KaySavetz
Charles ManginChicken Missile@chicken_missile
Quinn “Never Give Me Edit Access” DunkiRCR@QuinnDunki
John LeakeRetroMacCast@retromaccast
Kate the CatCM, RetroMetal@LadyAiluros 
Joe StrosniderJoe’s Computer Museum (YT)@MuseumJoe

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