• Episode D – 2 January, 2021

    In our quest for all things rare and elusive, our intrepid band stumbles upon a stranger in the wilderness. He calls himself Matthew, and he offers to lead us in a game of Dungeons and Dragons… for a price!

  • Episode C – 9 December, 2020

    In which the Scooby Gang solves the case of the cunning codes, learns how the Apple II mini-assembler works, and Carrington is suspiciously quiet.

  • Episode B – 25 November, 2020

    In which we put butts on nuns and murder invisible old women.

  • Episode A – 18 November, 2020

    In which we discover that our Canadian friends have no concept of “miles” or "pounds" and nobody on the panel knows the speed of light, or about how big an acre is.

  • Episode β – 30 October, 2020

    We’ve been locked inside and barely ventured out of the house in six months or more. What long-neglected items on your to-do list have you finally gotten around to doing, now that there’s literally nothing else to do?