Episode D – 2 January, 2021

In our quest for all things rare and elusive, our intrepid band stumbles upon a stranger in the wilderness. He calls himself Matthew, and he offers to lead us in a game of Dungeons and Dragons… for a price!

Today’s Detachment of Delegates:

  • Charles — @Chicken_Missile (Atrios the Rogue)
  • Cat — @LadyAiluros  (Agartha the Amazon)
  • Matthew — (our DM)
  • Chris —@CT6502 (Grim the Barbarian)
  • Mark —(Duino the Wizard)
  • Wesley —(Sting the Skirmisher)
  • Paul — @yesterbits (Zkezza the Lizard Man)
  • Earl — (Skolsun the Dwarven Artificer)

Brought to you by the letter: D

D is for Dungeons, but also Dragons.

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